Double Braced X Frame Music Piano Keyboard Stand & Chair by Crystals® (Single Braced Stand)

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  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT (Stands) - 7 adjustable height positions to meet your needs better
  • DURABLE - High quality iron structure for strength and durability
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE - Quick and easy to assemble and includes assembly instructions
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Items are lightweight for easy transportation whilst still being sturdy to hold the keyboards.
  • COLOUR - Black | Brand: Crystals


  1. The assembly was not easy to follow, a little bit of DIY experience was added to mix to make attaching things more successful. With the price point, it is definitely hard to complain.

    The whole thing is held on by one bolt though, so I am unsure if it is indeed sturdy or not? (see picture). I am using this for a roland go88 (which is less than 20kg). I will update this review in a few months for more info and update. 
  2. Good stand, very cheap, seems sturdy and reasonably easy to adjust. Assembly instructions are rubbish (see photo) but use common sense and assembly is pretty straightforward.