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  • Reviewed by MENSA for Kids
  • Practice valuable skills in construction, cause and effect, and decision-making
  • The classic game of mouse-catchin' action
  • From the makers of the Cranium game


  1. I bought this for my kids for Christmas and they love it. When buying I noticed that there are two versions of Mouse Trap on the market, both made by Hasbro, which is quite confusing. I read loads of reviews and found endless complaints about the build quality of the new version, to the point where most people say it is unplayable. This version - Classic Mouse Trap - on the other hand, I am glad to say is brilliant. The pieces are robust, it links up perfectly, it works. It will take an adult or older child to set up each time but that only takes a couple of minutes and is no longer than most games. Once set up it is very simple to play and all my children (8, 6 and 3yrs) all love it and understand how to play.
    This game brings back fond childhood memories for me and is well enough made that it will last a long time now for my kids, unlike most games made nowadays. 
  2. Loved this as a kid so naturally bought one for younger family members this Christmas. It's OK but the quality is nothing like I remember and the trap has been simplified. It's also very flimsy and half the time doesn't fully work. When the (now) single small ball drops it rolls off and can easily get lost. Don't ask about the cheap cardboard cheeses, oh someone did; they're rubbish and after a few games the top paper laminate has already started to fold over. It's also packages in a box just large enough for transportation when everything is broken down and arranged carefully, hardly something the age group intended will bother with so expect essential parts to get lost. It's also a very different game with different rules. Overall I would suggest looking for a good original set on ebay. There are plenty available and although the cost is similar the quality is vastly superior however I doubt that many of the current games will be around in a few years time.