NERF DinoSquad Rex-Rampage Motorised Dart Blaster

NERF DinoSquad Rex-Rampage Motorised Dart Blaster

Nerf DinoSquad Rex-Rampage Motorised Dart Blaster, 10-Dart Clip, 20 Nerf Darts, 10-Dart Storage- T-Rex Dinosaur Design 8.6 x 61 x 34 cm

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  • NERF DINOSQUAD REX-RAMPAGE BLASTER: blast into battle with the power of a T-rex with this blaster that features amazing dinosaur details, capturing the look of a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur
  • MOTORISING DART BLASTING: fire darts quickly with motorised blasting – power up the motor and pull the trigger to send darts flying quickly towards targets (requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries, not included)
  • 10-DART CLIP AND TARGETING SCOPE: fire 10 darts in a row from this blaster that comes with a removable 10-dart clip – the blaster includes a non-removable targeting scope to line up your shots
  • 20 NERF DARTS AND DART STORAGE: comes with 20 Official Nerf Elite foam darts – the blaster has on-board storage for 10 darts, to keep them within easy reach for reloading


  1. I bought this when it was on the half price offer of £25, for that price I was happy with the overall product, works as it should no issues in that sense and looks pretty cool for Dino lovers. However there is no chance this is worth £50, weve bought better nerf guns like the ultra range for cheaper that were better. So it depends on the price for 25 its 5 stars but for 50 I'd feel a bit ripped off 
  2. Brought this as a 21 year old, because you are never too old to attack your housemate for no reason :D. Bullets come out fast and it is quite quick to shoot successive bullets. Good enough range as well. Sometimes the trigger doesnt want to pop out but this is esily fixed. My only issue is that the scope doesnt actually represent where the bullets will fly, you have to aim a bit higher than your target. Once you practice where to aim, you can get pretty consistent results. Gret overall, good quality fo the price  
  3. The nerf dino gun looks great but often gets blocked and the bullets spring out of the magazine once they've been fired a few times. It seems to take more time refilling and unblocking than actually playing with it.