NERF Fortnite 6-SH Blaster with 6 Elite Darts

NERF Fortnite 6-SH Blaster with 6 Elite Darts

Nerf Fortnite 6-SH Dart Blaster - Camo Pulse Wrap, Hammer Action Priming, 6-Dart Drum, 6 Nerf Elite Darts 3C Maxx Terra/EXO+/TR

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  • DART-BLASTING FORTNITE BLASTER REPLICA: This Nerf Fortnite 6-SH blaster is inspired by the equipment used in Fortnite and comes in the Camo Pulse wrap from the popular video game
  • HAMMER ACTION PRIMING: Features hammer action priming -- pull the hammer down to get the blaster ready to fire, then press the trigger to launch a dart into battle
  • 6-DART ROTATING DRUM AND 6 NERF DARTS: The blaster has a rotating drum that holds up to 6 Nerf Elite darts, fires 1 dart at a time, and includes 6 Official Nerf Elite foam darts


  1. Pretty good gun. Our little ones have just rediscovered their Nerf arsenal and so we are constantly dodging foam bullets in and around the house. One of them had his 6th birthday this week and as he is physically struggling a bit with the really big Nerf blasters, that are relatively heavy given his posture and hard to reload a lighter, top loader seemed like a nice present to include. This bright yellow Fortnite gun/rifle comes in two parts in a fairly small /efficient box. And it thus requires a minimal effort to put together. And it comes with 6 light blue foam darts.

    The pro’s are the top load option that is easy to operate, the pullback charging mechanism that again is straightforward but also realistically cool. However the main positive compared to the few other Nerf blasters we have power with which the bullets are released is its biggest advantage. It shoots powerful darts, that go far and quite accurate. I can tell from extensive experience that you can feel it is quite clearly when you are being peppered. And the recipients older sister has already filed a couple of official complaints about painful hits. So perhaps that’s also the draw back – it will actually hurt quite a bit when you get hit in the eye.
    The other drawback is that only 4 or 5 bullets can be loaded at the same time, I still have figured out how many actually, but not all the ones to come supplied with it.

    But for the rest very pleased. Our son only has little notion about Fortnite, but the gun is good enough for him for him – in his view its already great to have a powerful, light blaster at hand. 
  2. My son bought this with his birthday money and absolutely loves it! It’s nearly as tall as him and shoots really far; he loves that you have to load up the magazine/dart clip. Quite expensive but well made as most nerf guns are, worth the money.  
  3. This is now the new favourite nerf gun. It’s fortnite and it’s a bolt action sniper rifle with removable scope, but and magazine. This is a huge gun but the mechanism is fine for smaller hands. The bullets shoot a long distance too. Worth the money.