PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City 91cm Tall Transforming Lookout Tower

PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City 91cm Tall Transforming Lookout Tower

PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City 91cm Tall Transforming PAW Patrol Tower with 6 Collectible Action Figures, Toy Car, Lights and Sounds, Kids’ Toys for Ages 3 and up

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  • TRANSFORMING RESCUE RAMP: Pull the handle down to extend the tower’s ramp Launch vehicles (Chase’s included, other toy cars sold separately) down the ramp—it will light up at launch, just like in the movie
  • 91CM-TALL PAW PATROL TOWER: This PAW Patrol toy is the tallest tower yet and is packed with places to play and exciting features to discover Includes 6 pup toy figures, Chase’s cruiser and clip-on backpack
  • LIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Push the button for sound effects; rotate the command centre’s pup selector to light up the map; the badge on the front of the tower will light up; the ramp will light up at launch—and more
  • PUP AND VEHICLE ELEVATORS: Send pups to the top of the tower—a clip keeps figures in place on the elevator Roll the cruiser or a Deluxe Vehicle (sold separately) onto the vehicle platform and lift the handle
  • Includes: 1 Ultimate City Tower, 1 Vehicle, 6 Figures, 1 Clip-on Backpack, 3 Projectiles, 3 Sticker Sheets, 1 Instruction Sheet


  1. I was very disappointed with this toy. It was so expensive that I had high expectations. It could be improved 10 fold with just a little more thought and effort and attention to detail. The sound effects are rubbish especially the top button which is dog barks and engine rumbles and the light come on and off so quick the kids didn’t even notice it for a while. I thought it would at least say the dogs names or their catch phrases. The ramp doesn’t make a noise or light up when it comes down until you push a car down and even then it only lasts a second. There isn’t a place for all the cars if the “bays“ at the front had been just a tiny bit bigger they could of fitted two vehicles on each side. They could also of made a place for all the spare parts “like missiles” to go. The lever to open the ramp sticks a little and jerks the door open (other reviews have have pointed this out) this makes the whole thing wobble and any figures fall over. There are hardly any stickers or details and not many features really. I think the real problem here is the price it’s just not worth it. If it had been a £60-£70 toy I would still of thought it expensive for what it does but it’s size and the inclusion of the figures and one vehicle would of made it worth it. On the plus side it is quite quick and easy to put together (after the initial horror of opening the box to what looks like a million pieces) and at nearly a meter tall it does look quite impressive. Especially to my huge paw patrol fans on Christmas morning. 
  2. My little one is a big fan and got this for Christmas. The two precious towers had more features than this one so quite disappointing for the price paid. Also, the build quality seems to have gone down. The assembly was awful. There are parts that need to be fixed with each other with no purpose for the resulting structure.....perhaps more parts allows for a higher price but quite a nightmare to build on Christmas day. The button to the battery boxes were so tight, I almost took my nail off trying to pry them open. The toy was still a hit with the kids but I woukd say getting two of the bigger pup cars that are going for about 50 pounds is better value as they have a lot more to keep the kids entertained.