Pictionary Quick-Draw Guessing Board Game

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  • The classic quick-draw game since 1985
  • You don’t have to be an artist; in fact, if you can’t draw, the game can be even funnier
  • Two levels of clues (120 adult, 80 junior) make this a great game for kids and adults
  • Includes two erasable makers, erasable boards for drawing and an updated category of clues


  1. The ink on the pen that you have to wipe off the wipe cards was so messy we all had stained fingers by the end of the first round !!!!! this is not how the game used to be ..... we went through countless wet wipes and tissue and the instructions were awful ..... 
  2. As others have said, the ink is messy and the drawing whiteboards not really big enough (less that A5 size). We had to use plastic placemats under ours to protect the table so couldn’t move them about so easily and got through a few wet wipes and drying tissues which holds up the game a bit. The game board was shorter than I remember it so each team only had 3 turns before it was all over. I seem to remember the old version being better.  
  3. Still a great game but since the first edition of this game (that I remember getting!) Mattel have really cut some corners. The cards, the board, the pens, the white boards - even the box! - feel like low grade cardboard and it makes you feel like they should make a deluxe version or something. The whiteboards end up pretty grubby after a while and we ended up using pencil and paper.