Playmobil 70317 Back to the Future DeLorean Car

Playmobil 70317 Back to the Future DeLorean Car

Playmobil 70317 Back To The Future Delorean with Figures and Features, for Ages 5+, Multicoloured, 385 x 94 x 284 mm

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  • The wheels of the toy DeLorean fold out
  • Doors open outwards
  • Features an illuminated flux capacitor
  • Illuminated exterior
  • Plutonium can be inserted at the back of the toy vehicle


  1. Arrived yesterday and assembled today. I first saw the films when they came out when I was 10. I have been waiting 35 years for this toy!! Playmobil have done a fantastic job with this and it's far superior to the Lego version. On the box it says 6 and up, but do not let a 6 year old put those stickers on. They are quite fiddly and are worth putting on with tweezers. It looks very cool when put together and the lights go on. For £50 I'm very happy with it and will be buying my 7 year old nephew one for his birthday. Would have been even cooler with some sounds, but this 45 year old 10 year old is very happy!! 
  2. I'd like to say this was bought for my son but sadly not. It's a wonderful take on the movie car. Sturdy, detailed and bring back all the memories of your childhood. Only one disappointing part and that's that there is no Mr Fusion attachment to make is full BTTF 2 car. The car comes with 3 plutonium tubes but not the white Mr Fusion. Now the set doesn't come with one but seems like a missed opportunity given how simply it would have been to include. My pickiness aside it's a wonderful item to add to the collection. As someone who owns the Lego variant I've got to say this is sooo much better to both use a d look at at a fraction of the cost the Lego sets now go for. I've given it 4 stars for value as it's half the size of the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 set I also own  
  3. I am a huge fan of BTTF and was a little reluctant to buy this because it's Playmobil and I'm not 5! However, it doesn't look as toy-ish as I'd thought it would. It does look like a nice collector's item and is on display with the rest of my collection. Stickers were a little fiddly, so if you're buying this for a kid, I advise adult intervention at this stage. Einstein (or Copernicus, depending how you look at it!) doesn't look quite true to the films, but a minor flaw. Doc and Marty look great. Love the lights but as previous commentators have mentioned, a little sound would have made this perfect.