Pokémon 20cm Plush 4 Pack

Pokémon 20cm Plush 4 Pack

Wmuze 20CM Pokemon Plush Figures Pokémon Jack Turtle Little Fire Dragon Pikachu Wonder Frog Plush Doll Toys (4-Pack)

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  • Soft and elastic short plush doll, filled with PP cotton. Easy to clean.
  • The 4-piece combination is your favorite.
  • Cute plush toys are a surprise for all children.
  • The super soft plush doll is very suitable to carry around.
  • It is the best gift for children on birthday and holiday.


  1. Considering the price being £20 these are pretty good. Looking at plush from buildabear and actual plush from Pokémon store the likeness for these is really good. I've seen some awful plush from high end stores when it comes to Pokémon. Some stitching on Pikachus ear was incomplete and some stuffing was exposed unfortunately but the response from customer support was the fastest I've experienced. I had same day response and refund issued by the next day. 
  2. Not 100% happy with my order
    Never came in pokemon packaging like original picture
    Has little window poppers stuck to heads which has never been showed in picture
    They look like replicas