Pokémon Carry Case Volcano Playset

Pokémon Carry Case Volcano Playset

Pokémon Carry Case Volcano Playset, POKÉMON CARRY CASE VOLCANO PLAYSET

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  • Features many different locations within one Playset!
  • Tons of features hidden in every area of the Playset!
  • Includes one -Inch Pikachu figure!
  • Easily folds into a carry case!
  • The perfect toy for any Pokémon fan!


  1. So, so disappointed! Daughter has been so excited for this volcano after getting the green backpack last year. This one was half the size and just rubbish. Such a flimsy itemm the front and sides fell off as soon as she eopened the toy. Absolute waste of money and furious that the quality has been dropped in comparison to the other Pokémon backpack.
    Can't even return as the packaging was damaged when she opened it. 
  2. Our seven year old loves this little Pokémon battle arena set. It paired nicely with the backpack version his older brother also has. But it feels so fragile I am just waiting for it to break and cause heartbreak. The way the volcano is propped up feels very delicate in particular. Closing it up only really works in a very precise way without worrying about forcing a bit. Handle with care, lots of care!  
  3. I brought this for my 4 year old grandson’s birthday. He totally loved it.