Pokémon Epic Venasaur 30cm Scale Battle Figure

Pokémon Epic Venasaur 30cm Scale Battle Figure

Pokemon 674 PKW0048 EA Epic Battle Figure-Venusaur, Blue

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  • Pokemon epic battle figure - venusaur
  • The large flower on Venusaur’s back is said to take on vivid colours if it gets plenty of nutrition and sunlight
  • The flower’s aroma soothes the emotions of people
  • Colour: Blue


  1. This is what my son asked for for Christmas. I was reluctant to get it because it's alot of money and doesn't really do anything (the legs and mouth move a bit but that is it). It is very big though and he was very happy Christmas morning, and plays alot with it- he has a great imagination and makes up stories with it and other toys. It would be nice if the figure did something else, but my son is happy so I am. 
  2. It’s a great Pokémon toy but my complaint is bout the delivery man basically put the item in the shed took photo of it and left with no knock on the door to tell me.rude and arrogant and unprofessional,he should not be working for Amazon,  
  3. I believe it corresponds in full to the horrible taste!!of those who love pokemon! It's very big compared to those I'm used to seeing between my nephew's games. I think it can be a nice gift for enthusiasts. I can't add more because it will be part of the Christmas presents and so it hasn't been delivered yet.