Pokemon Trading Card Game Battle Academy

Pokemon Trading Card Game Battle Academy

Pokémon | Battle Academy | Card Game | Ages 6+ | 2 Players | 10+ Minutes Playing Time

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  • Join the Pokémon trainers at the Battle Academy!
  • Prepare for a Pokémon battle with the ready-to-play Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Academy!
  • The Battle Academy includes everything two players need to play, with guides to the decks so your first game is easy to follow
  • With a little strategy and a little luck, you can battle with the best!
  • The Pokémon TCG is a game for two players, ages 6 and up


  1. To all my fellow Pokemon masters. Do not threat, although it looks bleak with these awful raising of prices, Pokemon TCG have recently released a statement saying they will bombard the market with new cards so all these people who inflate prices and stop us from enjoying what we love will soon be out of pocket! 
  2. Opened to find tons of random booster packs from other series all of which had clearly been opened and resealed with Doctor Who cards!  
  3. I wish I listened to the other 1 star reviews, who mentioned the fact that the packs were resealed. I had three white backed packs, and received one Holographic card, and two Reverse Holo's ONLY. The packs had weird glue residue prior to opening, which made me more curious to open. Complete waste of £15, not worth the hassle. Would love a refund, but too late now.. Would 100% ask for a refund if you haven't opened your packs yet.