Ravensburger Gravitrax PRO Vertical Starter Set

Ravensburger Gravitrax PRO Vertical Starter Set

Ravensburger GraviTrax PRO - Vertical Expansion Set Marble Run and Construction Toy For Kids Age 8 Years and Up - STEM Toy

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  • The GraviTrax PRO Vertical Expansion Set offers 33 additional elements to reach new heights with your track.
  • Build new routes and create crazy trick shots, expand the marble run with new ideas, expansion sets to keep the ball rolling – compatible with all GraviTrax & GraviTrax PRO sets & accessories
  • Experiment with gravity to power your ball through twists, loops and turns in a race to the finish line – great building game for boys & girls
  • GraviTrax is made with premium quality materials adhering to the highest UK and EU standards and regulations.
  • A GraviTrax Starter Set is required to use expansion packs & accessories. No batteries required. Other accessories sold separately.
  • STEM and construction toys for kids age 8 years up. Great Christmas gifts and birthday presents for children.


  1. We need more height! Using basic Gravitrax we run out of stones/blocks too soon. The Vertical Expansion Set solves that problem with new designs of towers, each equivalent to seven grey blocks. Some towers have holes through which you can thread rails. Several vertical transparent sheets plug in to the towers. 'Balconies' clip in to those sheets, enabling altitude without using more grey blocks. 
  2. A bit fiddly to put the pieces together initially, needs a grown up. But afterwards, no problem and easily adds onto both ordinary and pro version of gravitrax  
  3. This is a great add on to our starter set to add more height. There was no booklet with track suggestions, so I downloaded the gravitrax app. It was then that I realised that although this set is fine with the standard gravitrax set, when trying to build the pro tracks I found I had parts missing. This is because there is also a vertical starter set, which we hadn't realised. Amazon advertise that a starter set is required, but only picture the original starter set with no mention of the vertical. The parts that are missing don't appear to be available in the smaller extention packs.