Remote Control Tumbling Stunt Car

Remote Control Tumbling Stunt Car

Playtech Logic OFFICIAL Licensed Invincible Tornado 360 Remote Control Stunt Car Light Up Toy for Kids with Sound On/Off, Rechargeable Turbo Twister Racing RC Stunt Cars Boys Girls Toys (54Mhz)

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  • SUPER STEPPED WHEELIES, STUNTS AND FLIPS - these remote control cars for kids have a 360° spinning front wheel axle for flipping fantastic fun, on road and off road. Cool toys for 5 year old boys and girls and up
  • MUSICAL LIGHT UP STUNT CARS: flashing LED lights and funky music make them fun boys toys or girls toys, while the SOUND MUTE function keeps mum and dad happy
  • CRASH RESISTANT RC CARS - Our radio controlled light up toy cars are robust and sturdy. Enjoy these popular children’s toys indoors or outdoors
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY saves you £££s. This remote control car for kids comes ready to run, batteries included, and is great for car racing fun (choose 54Mhz plus 49Mhz or 27Mhz). Kids toys boys and girls will love
  • 12 MONTHS WARRANTY with unrivalled Customer Service. The perfect gift, the RC Stunt Cars make great children’s toys. As girls toys and boys toys go, they’re popular toys every kid wants. Make Their Little Hearts Smile today!


  1. My 4 year old son loves this. It’s one of his favourite toys. It’s bright with colourful lights and has music playing which became a bit irritating but fortunately you can turn the music off. Seems quite robust and a massive positive is that it comes with rechargeable batteries included. So it’s good to go! Easy to control and can perform brilliant stunts, very agile. We’ve used it inside on tiles, laminate and carpet and outside on tarmac. The batteries last well. My son received a similar product for Christmas which had been heavily advertised on tv but he much prefers his invincible tornado. The tornado does wheelies, flips and spins and is very vibrant. I’d highly recommend this product to anyone. 
  2. If you hate your ex partner but share a child with them i would recommend you buy this to keep at their house... If i had an ex i hated and they sent this to my house with our child i would set the toy on fire and launch it straight through a window in their home.

    I purchased this for my child on the 29th of Jan, by the morning if the 30th it had broke. I charged it for the 5 hours suggested. Batteries died with in 10 minutes and the motor stopped working after the 2nd charge. The music is the most annoying feature of the toy. It's so bloody loud and repeats the same 10 seconds of music.  
  3. Works well although a bit expensive. Seems robust so should last. Thankfully music can be switched off.
    Added later. Car began stuttering after first charge. I suspected that the charger was faulty but company wanted the whole car to be returned. Eventually (after delay caused by Royal Mail losing in post) it was replaced. Now works well. Company advise that before charging the car then it should be left to cool down for 30 minutes. Also after charging the car should be left for 30 minutes before using. I am not sure my grandchildren have got that sort of patience but they will leave it for a while at least. I hope they don't put it in the freezer!