Rubik's Cube

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  • The World's Bestselling puzzle
  • Incredibly addictive, multi-dimensional challenge.
  • 43 quintillion combinations but only one solution.
  • It can be solved in under 10 seconds.
  • Can you master the Rubik's cube?


  1. This rubik's cube is impossible I tried every day to figure it out but I couldn't. It slowly but surely took over my life. I divorced my wife and married the cube. I still couldn't solve it I guess that was it's mystique. One day I finally solved the cube after 4 months but I felt empty. I divorced the cube and turned to the bottle haven't felt the same since. 
  2. Rubiks may be the original. But seriously, considering other extremely well-engineered cubes this one feels like stone age! We as a family own a humble collection of cubes, of which this one is the second worst. You might want to google for the cubes that speedcubers use. Even the ones of faded glory, sold for a handful of pounds, feel much better than this one.

    Obviously, this company thinks it does not have to put any budget into engineering, because they can always say 'we are original, we sell the real one'. If you desire some joyful cubing, take the effort and research for what is the state of the art of today.  
  3. I bought an original, genuine 3x3 Rubik's cube in 2013 and the quality of this 2013 authentic cube was appalling. It was flimsy and was difficult to rotate the layers; even when they were perfectly aligned, they constantly stuck and jammed. The stickers started to peel away after a year or so. This genuine cube was an embarrassment to the manufacturer and I am sure to Erno Rubik, too. I hated it.

    I have just bought this Rubik's cube and the quality is completely different. It feels strong and the layers glide and rotate smoothly. There are no stickers. Instead, there are inset coloured squares, which are unlikely to come away. This iteration of the cube is a pleasure to use. I recommend it.