Rubik’s Race Classic Fast-Paced Strategy Sequence Board Game, Ultimate Face to Face Two-Player Game

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  • CLASSIC BOARD GAME: Rubik’s Race is a high-intensity two-player board game designed to get your brain and fingers racing at an extreme pace. A strategy racing game like no other
  • SHIFT, SLIDE AND SOLVE: Shake the scrambler and race head-to-head against your opponent. Shift and slide the tiles to become the first racer to match the 3x3 centre of the scrambler’s Cube pattern
  • A GAME OF ULTIMATE SKILL: It sounds easy enough, but the Rubik’s Race is a board game of skill, speed and dexterity. Be the first to drop the divider frame on your completed side of the board
  • CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: The ultimate two-player face-to-face race. Take on your friends or family wherever you are. Who will be the first player to match the pattern of the nine coloured squares?
  • Includes: 1 Rubik’s Race Game
  • EXPAND YOUR COLLECTION - If you are a fan of the original Rubik’s Cube, prepare yourself for hours of racing fun with an opponent of your choice. This board game is an official Rubik’s creation so shift and slide until you have solved the formidable Rubik’s puzzle. Makes the perfect gift or stocking filler


  1. It's a good game just poorly executed! The centre piece that's suppose to stand up isn't very secure and falls down.
    Would be a millions times better if the game actually stay complete and not have to be set up every time, would be a great game to travel with if it could be folded up and all the pieces stayed in the trays. I'm not overly impressed with the quality and the design could be so much better. 
  2. Great fun game but just like others said, the middle does not stand up at all and this ruins the fun of it.... it’s not well thought out but a good game nonetheless. Shame it couldn’t have been designed so the tiles can be kept inside itself like a storage box.

    Can’t send mine back because the stupid dog got hold of a tile! Otherwise I would probably be returning.  
  3. I purchased this brand over the other lesser known brands because I thought I would get quality. Unfortunately, this is not the case, its not of the best quality and its a shame that it wasn't designed with travel in mind. They could have made it so that the pieces stay in place when you fold it so that it's easy to just unfold and start playing, this is not the case as it's not as easy as that. If I was to buy it again, I would buy the cheaper brands at fraction of the cost as I believe the others are probably as good as this one.