Sequence the Board Game, Travel edition, White

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  • Compact travel version easily stores pieces for use anywhere you go!
  • Play a card from your hand and place a peg in a corresponding hole on the game board - four in a row makes a SEQUENCE
  • The first player with 2 SEQUENCES wins!
  • It's an exciting game of strategy mixed with luck!
  • For 2-4 players, ages 8 and up


  1. I played this with my 11 year old who really liked it. It’s basically a board with holes in it and some pegs. You get a pack of cards and some instructions. The instructions definitely help because I really didn’t have a clue what we were doing!

    The game is that you each get seven cards and you take turns and placing your pegs in those slots corresponding to the cards. Each time you place a peg in your card slot, you discard the card and pick a new one from the pile. The only cards that don’t have slots are the jacks and they do different things. The instructions talk about one eyed jacks and four eyed jacks - I have no idea what that means. Also, it says it should have eight jacks in the pack, but it’s just a standard pack of cards so has the usual 4. We had to adapt a little bit and say that red jacks were the one eyed jacks and black were the two eyed jacks. That seem to work for the game. The idea is that you want to get four in a row either vertical horizontal or diagonally. The jacks make that a bit harder but you need to get to sequences of four and with only four jacks in the pack it does mean it’s fairly hard.

    The box is nice and sturdy and it’s easy in terms of taking it places because it’s got a good catch on it so nothing can fall out. I’m quite happy with this as I know it will be good to take with us on holiday. Very little could fall off as the lid has enough of a ridge that it keeps things in.

    Pretty pleased! A simple but engaging game that can be played from pretty much any age. 
  2. The rules did not match the board as given in the travel version.

    Instead of each card (in a regular deck) appearing twice on the board, in this travel version it only appears once.

    This drastically changes the dynamic of rhe game (which in this version can only accommodate two players, thus making rules about which way around the board thevturn of play passes completely redundant).

    There is little chance for strategy; rarely will the card you draw have any way of influencing your opponent.

    This reduces to a tedious race to draw the right card - a game which relies on luck alone. Except it does not. It is even worse than that! After an afternoon of playing many, many rounds of this, my friend and I came to tge conclusion that the result of the game depends on whose turn it is to go first.

    This is a game that is no fun at all.

    The carry case is sturdy, and wil probably last longer than any interest in the game itself. The pegs and cardboard frame are rather fiddly, and would make it difficult to playbin transit. And the clip on the case is stiff and not child-friendly, whereas I would have thought that very young children constitute the only possible market.

    Note: this review applies ONLY to the SEQUENCE Travel Edition.

    Looking at pictures of the standard edition, it appears to have a board as described and up to 4 players. That makes it a completely different game, which seems much more playable than the one I received.