The Cube TV Show Game from Ideal

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  • Can you beat The Cube?
  • The ultimate family game.
  • Requires Nerve and Skill.
  • 2-6 Players.
  • Age: 8+.


  1. I did like the concept of this, and liked how versatile the pieces were

    The only issue we had was how hard this game was!!!! Not once did we actually complete any of the tasks without losing all our lives! We are 30m, 25f, 10f, and competent usually.....
    Even when you use the cards to make the games easier, it would only remove 2 milliseconds usually, so it was still far too hard.

    So a great concept, but overall far too difficult. So we didn’t play with the usual rules, and just took turns doing each challenge until one of us won that individual challenge. 
  2. Got this for Christmas for family board game. It taken 3 adults to work out the instructions which killed the vibe, then once we worked out to play it, the mini games was repetitive and boring. Kids lost interest in minutes and the adults just made their own games from the materials supplied. Overall don’t bother stick to monopoly