Goliath Games Floor is Lava! Interactive Board Game for Kids and Adults (Ages 5+) Fun Party

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  • The fun, physical lava leaping game
  • Turn every floor into an exciting lava jumping adventure
  • Spin for your colours and race to safety, across the different mats
  • Remember don't touch the floor. Be the last player standing to win
  • The additional twist of challenge cards will ramp up the fun on this classic game of imagination and adventure
  • Perfect choice for a family game night
  • For 2 or more players. For ages 5 years +


  1. This game is awesome and a massive hit with the kids! Really easy to learn and hours of fun has been had.

    Comes in a good sturdy box, foam tiles, challenge cards, and spinner,

    Bought for my sons 4th birthday and was a big hit on the day with all the kids and even the adults were playing!

    Great thing about this game is that it can be played indoors as well as outside, doesn’t take a lot space and can quite easily be played on the lounge/bedroom floor,

    The games is so much fun, and great to get the kids active and no doubt improves coordination,balance and dexterity,

    The challenge cards are great and ask the kids to do tasks like hop on one foot or act like a monkey while keeping the balance on the pads, we even started improvising and giving them challenges that were really funny,

    This games has a mix of everything, and it’s great to see them have so much fun while being active rather then sat on a iPad or games console,

    This is what games use to be like and will live long in the memory!!

    We have had the game over six months now and still gets used atleast once a week,

    Highly recommended if your looking for a fun active game to keep the kids busy and even get the adults involved, hours of fun and laughs 
  2. Multiple issues. Game box arrived 7 days later than quoted delivery date and in damaged condition. Box was missing the instructions sheet which is clearly listed as included in the box Under the Contents listed on the outside of the box.

    Most importantly, the game is supposed to come with 25 foam "safely stones" - yet the ones included in the box are slippery card stock, not foam material. Totally unsafe. I was hoping this would be a gift for my 5 year old but it's not safe to play on any floor surface as the kids will slip as they jump on the stones.

    It's too bad because it would be great game for the family.
  3. I was worried as I never read the reviews before I ordered this. However I have been pleasantly surprised, the box arrived sturdy, in great condition complete with shrink wrap.
    The stepping stones are foam (with a warning on the bag they come in that they may smell at first but will go away after a few uses) but no issues with smell.
    Full set of instructions and the cards seem fine too (each card has instructions in 4 languages).
    The make of the game I received is Goliath. I am happy with purchase. Fun to play.