POP N FUN Childrens Toddler Indoor Trampoline

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  • Ideal my first trampoline for toddlers
  • Unique construction for easy assembly and safer bouncing
  • Low to the ground with padded safety mat for added security
  • Soft grip handle and non slip rubber feet
  • Ideal for bouncing inside and outside. Helps develop balance and co-ordination


  1. Had to return this item as I was resembling it I noticed the bars were not lining up and after building it, it did not sit flat to the floor, with one side slightly higher it meant it was off balanced. I was disappointed as I bought it as a present and I am glad I decided to build it up before I was planning to give the present over, or I would of been embarrassed that it was not 100%. I accept it might of just been a dodgy one but did not purchase again and went elsewhere. 
  2. Avoid this at all costs!! I didn't read the reviews and foolishly bought it on prime but as everyone had mentioned the dimensions are off, it looks like they mass produced this trash with a shorter leg. I've managed to stick a plank underneath and just wing it because I can't be bothered return and my little one will only use it to learn jumping, but I wish I would have read the reviews, i have learnt from my mistakes. Avoid avoid avoid.  
  3. Do not buy! It’s wonky and unbalanced! Wish I’d read more of the reviews before purchasing as it seems to be a common problem!