Treasure X Monster Gold Mega Monster Lab

Treasure X Monster Gold Mega Monster Lab

Treasure X Monster Gold Mega Monster Lab

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  • Take on 20 Levels of Adventure! with Treasure X Monster Gold
  • Discover secrets and surprises in the Mega Monster Lab and search through different ghoulish compounds
  • Exclusive Mad Scientist Figure​ and Deluxe Monster Size Figure with "Light Up Alive" feature​
  • Mix and Match the Monster's Body parts using pieces from the Lab
  • Find guaranteed REAL Gold Dipped Treasure inside the Mega Monster Lab


  1. My son was so excited to build his own monster but the fit of the parts is truly awful and it simply doesn’t stay together. The big finale when the monster comes to life was a real damp squib as it doesn’t work. Checked everything I can but no luck. I’ve started a return and suggest you do the same otherwise the makers will keep getting away with selling poor quality junk. If you haven’t yet bought this item I can only advise you not to! 
  2. Must have been old as the batteries are in the brain but it will not light up which is disappointing for the price and I don't think you can replace them! Was a Christmas present for my son.  
  3. The brain doesn’t light up. The Instructions are awful. Not worth it at all. An hour of fighting Christmas morning over this piece of garbage.